Background Checks & Employment Screening

We offer nationwide background checks for many different clients: employee screening, tenant screening, nanny check or personal background checks. DOT and some non-regulated companies do require background checks. Background screening protects your company by preventing falsification on job applications and by enabling your company to keep from hiring employees who have shown unwanted behaviors.

Employees are one of the most valuable assets where an organization will invest their time, finances, training. Why not be sure that you are hiring candidates that give you the best return on your investment? It’s critical that you know the truth of your new hire’s background before you make the employee an offer. By doing so, you can reduce costly liability exposures and reduce employee turnover. We understand that you are seeking to get the right people in the right roles for your organization. We will work hard to understand your business background screening needs. Allow us to work for you.

Services Include

  • National Social Security Check
  • County Criminal
  • State Criminal
  • Federal Criminal
  • National Sex Offender Check
  • Employment Credit Check
  • Education Verification
  • Personal References
  • Motor Vehicle Records (MVR)

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