In today’s schools, it is the mission of many school districts to have a random drug testing solution in place for students. Allow OTS to develop a fair and sound solution for students, parents, and school districts. OTS can provide a safe and unbiased review of your student athlete’s drug testing program as well as help you implement a testing program which covers your total student population. Our computer-generated random technology offers complete confidentiality and relieves you from the duty of choosing which students to test.

Our school component includes a Adolescent Program, so that participants can continue their studies while receiving the necessary care. Frequently, the academic studies of these adolescents have suffered because of their substance abuse problems. Those enrolled in the Adolescent Program participate in an approved tutoring program, which allows students to stay active in their schoolwork and obtain credit for school attendance. Each adolescent receives personalized instruction in either a one- to-one or very small group setting, based upon a plan developed under the direction of the student's home school. When you’re ready for a more comprehensive “drug-free” program, OTS is ready with a solution.

Kids Drug Free

Parenting today’s teen generation is hard enough. Having to wonder if your teenager has fallen prey to the influence of drugs makes things that much worse. Creating open parent/child communication is vital to avoiding drug use or experimentation. Part of that communication can include an agreement between both parent and child to allow the child to be tested for the evidence of any prescription or illegal drugs. Occupational Testing Solutions (OTS) offers a quick and simple testing procedure that does not impose on the family lifestyle and produces results with a very quick turn-around. We want to believe our children are making the right choices and testing can aid in achieving that total “peace of mind”.

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