It is the mission of Occupational Testing Solutions (OTS) to provide a high quality Drug Consortium for DOT regulated companies, non-regulated companies, and agencies. OTS gives you everything you need in order to stay in compliance with the Federal and State requirements. The federal government requires companies to test all transportation employees (at a rate of 50% for drugs and 10% for alcohol) in aviation, trucking, railroads, mass transit, pipelines, and other transportation industries

What can we do for you?


Is your company required to conduct drug and alcohol testing? Do you know how many drug and alcohol tests should be conducted for the year? The regulations state that the method of selection must be a scientifically valid method. Are you an owner operator? Do you know that you have to be in a consortium? See how OTS can work for you!

Random Name Generation Testing

We offer nationwide full-service Third Party Administrator (TPA) random drug & alcohol testing selection for DOT and non DOT employees. Random name generation is provided for safety programs, DOT requirements, and other business drug testing needs.

Program Administration

  • Certification of Enrollment
  • “Company Manual”
  • Drug Testing Policy
  • Random Testing Pool Maintenance
  • Computer Generated Random Selection
  • Result Notification
  • Nationally Certified Laboratories
  • Nationally Certified Medical Review Officer
  • Chain of Custody Set up and distribution to qualified collection sites, nationwide
  • Maintaining records data base of all testing activity
  • Quarterly, Semiannual and Annual Summaries
  • DOT Rules and Regulations Change Notification
  • Post-Accident Testing (When do you need to get tested)

Why Random Drug Testing for my business?

To provide a safe and unbiased review of your employment drug testing programs, random name generation offers complete confidentiality within your organization. Our random name generator is 100% foolproof in its random name choices which will completely free you of any responsibility in choosing which employees to test. When it's time to test your current employees and you want to offer a completely random name each time, then OTS is your partner in random name generation for employee drug and alcohol testing requirements.

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